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Hello, internet friends!

A friend alerted me to a reddit post in which there is a booty-shakin' Rogue. I'm sorry to say that I am not that cosplayer. However, props to her, her booty, and her excellent shake!

I'm still glad you're here though. Please poke around! There are some booties, but no gifs of me shaking them.

That's all for now, sug'.
I'm excited to announce the launch of! If you have a moment, I'd really appreciate it if you could give it a look. I plan on making it the central hub for all things Joey, and I want you, my watchers, to be among the first to know about it. Your comments brighten my day and I hope you enjoy my new online home!

Special thanks to for making this beautiful site for me! <3

As always, may the costuming gods smile upon you.

Joey of!
I want to thank each one of my 400 hundred watchers for their interest in my work! It really means a lot to me, as do the comments on my photos. Though I don't always get to respond to everyone, it makes my day to log on and see your words!
Ah, my favorite convention doesn't disappoint!

Last year at Wizard World, I made a lot of great friends. I felt like it was the start of something new. I like Wizard World better than the bigger comic cons, despite its sometimes lackluster reputation. It's the perfect size to see costumes, celebrities and friends.

This year was certainly eventful. I wore two entirely new costumes and one revamped and mostly new costume. It's always stressful wearing a costume for the first time but things went smoothly. I cosplayed Rogue for Logan's Closet to show off their jacket and it ended up being a surprise hit for me. It got a great reaction and I can't wait to wear it again! Batgirl was intense, a bit uncomfortable, but definitely successful. I'll tweak a few things for my next con. Black Widow was a chance to show off my LC jacket in dark brown, and since I decided to do the comic version last second I slapped a belt together out of upholstery vinyl.

As we walked around the convention I happened to run into Stan Lee. In a surreal moment he called me over for photos, hugged me for several minutes, and we sat down and had a chat. He's a very friendly guy to say the least! This will always be one of my most treasured memories. I also met Norman Reedus at an afterparty, scored a free photo with the adorable Sam Trammell, and was given a Rogue print by the talented artist Jamie Tyndall. My boyfriend even forced me to overcome my nerves and talk to the gorgeous Shannon Elizabeth!

Speaking of Drew, this was his first time doing a "real" costume! His Robin was a huge hit, especially with the young ladies. At one point he got to skank to a ska song at the after party in full cosplay-- the girls flocked to him like, in the words of Lloyd Christmas, the salmon of Capistrano. He looked amazing, was better at posing than I was, and I'm really proud of him!

I had a full house with all my friends from Logan's Closet staying with us, and I wouldn't have had it any other way. They were a huge help and the most wonderful guests you could ask for.

My next convention will most likely be Baltimore Comic Con. I want to thank all of those people who made this con great and I hope to see you all again, or for the first time, at BCC.

Best of luck,
So after the excitement of the zombie crawl, the Avengers and free comic book day, I feel (almost) ready for con season. I plan on attending Wizard World Philly and can't wait to wear some new costumes! Here's the tentative list:

1. Rogue (at last)
2. Batgirl (Steph Brown)
3. Black Widow and/or Catwoman (movie versions)

As always, I just hope things go as planned. Wizard World is my favorite comic convention. It's big enough to be entertaining yet intimate enough to hang out with friends. I'm most looking forward to seeing all the great people I met last year. :) Be sure to look out for me if you go! And drop me a line if I can expect to see you there!

May the costuming gods smile upon you,
So it seems one of my photos has appeared on a site or two. Exciting! Thanks for posting, looking and sharing! I can't wait to tackle the coming con season.

My current costume dreams for this summer include: Rogue, Black Widow and Batgirl. I'll be wearing most or all of them to WW Philly, and we'll see which cons I can get to from there. Hopefully I can hit one of the Baltimore comic cons this year. I'll also be promoting at a comic shop for free comic book day!

It looks like I may have my own website soon! It will be a chill little place to hear my cosplay and dork related ramblings. I'll offer my experiences, mistakes and advice when it comes to making costumes, posing, buying materials and of course dieting.

I hope you and yours are well, have made it through the winter safely and are ready to rock some costumes this spring.

And let's not forget... soon the zombies crawl!
Hello there, deviants! Ever wanted to read my answers to a series of cosplay-related questions? Look no further!…

Thanks for looking!
Hey y'all!

Oh, wait... I didn't get the chance to do my southern accent this time! My Rogue costume is being delayed to (probably) WW Philly this summer. The jacket I was hired to model didn't ship in time for the con. Bummer, but not a big deal-- it just means I'll have a fun new costume to debut at WW Philly that's (gasp!) finished on time! I still had a wonderful time helping out my good friends at the Logan's Closet booth!

As you may have seen, Domino made her debut. I had fun looking like a badass, despite my usually smiley and silly personality. At least, I hope I looked like a badass; that's up for you to decide! It was a bit odd cosplaying a lesser known character. Some people called me "Catwoman," or "Black Widow," but others shrieked "DOMINO!" from across the very crowded convention and ran over to see me. When I found a person who knew who I was, I got a pretty big reaction. So, thank you, you cool, informed comic book fans! :)

Sadly, very sadly, I ran out of time to throw together an MJ Watson costume. It's a shame, but I realized that I would have to cut one costume if I was going to get any sleep at all for the con, and I just couldn't find the right sort of sleeveless shirt for MJ the week before. Sorry to my Spiderman friends, I didn't mean to let you down. :(

However! I did throw together a fake Black Widow costume for the last hour or so of the con. Domino suit + Jean hair - (dot + guns)/ 2 hours left of the con = Black Widow. Mostly I did it so I could use a Russian accent and be an Avenger with my hunky Captain America friend. :)

Lastly, I was so excited to meet two super nice and super gorgeous cosplayers: Linda Le and Yaya Han. When I say they were sweet, I really do mean that. I can't imagine meeting two more gracious and lovely people!

In the spirit of looking forward, here's a rough first draft of my WW Philly costumes:
--Steph Brown Batgirl
--Captain America USO Girl

Enjoy the cons and enjoy the pictures, dear friends and watchers! <3

Hello there, cats and kittens. While I hate to announce a cosplay because there's the chance it won't be completed, here is a tentative costume list for NYCC.

1. Jean Grey (Marvel girl costume.)
2. *New* Mary Jane Watson (Comic version. This will be very simple-- a shirt and pants, and perhaps not worthy of being called a cosplay.)
3. *New* Rogue. (Classic version, yellow and green catsuit with short jacket.)
4. *New* Domino. (Marvel character, of the X-Force.)

I'm really excited and hope to get everything finished in time. If anyone has any advice, questions, or comments, I would love to hear them! Also, if you're attending NYCC and want to meet up for a picture or just to say hi, please send me a note! :) You may be able to find me at the Logan's Closet booth sporting their new Rogue jacket, if all goes as planned. Can't wait to see everyone there!
Organized my cosplay photos into folders for easier viewing. :D As always, thanks for taking the time to check out my work!
I'd like to cosplay more than I have in the past. Have any feedback? Costume suggestions? Please message me, I'd love to hear from you!
I just want to thank you to everyone who has commented my work, added it to their favorites or put me on their watch list! <3 So, THANK YOU! :D
Currently partaking in shameless self-promotion!