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My Great, Cheap, Animal Friendly Beauty List

NOTE: This list is a few years old. I'd love to update it because I'm sure some of these aren't available anymore. But keep in mind that Revlon, Jordana, Almay, Tresseme, E.L.F, and several other companies do not test on animals. I will soon add a makeup tutorial that may feature some different products, but I hope this list is helpful too.

A.k.a. The Poor Baby Bunny Loving Cosplayer's Guide to Eye Trickery

As a working girl cosplayer with a tight budget, I've put a considerable amount of time into hunting down high performance cosmetics with itty bitty price tags. As a bleeding heart animal hugging liberal, I've put a considerable amount of time into making sure these cosmetics were cruelty free. Here's a list of the cheapest, kindest, most face-tastic products out there! I apologize ahead of time for the bad puns.

1. Jordana Oil Free Liquid Foundation, $1-$2. Doubt me if you will, but that same dollar store staple you pass by every now and again serves up the (pores down) most beautiful foundation I've ever tried. This is one of the only products that doesn't exacerbate my skin's dryness, offers great coverage and comes in a super light and natural looking shade to match my ghostly skin. It's the perfect consistency and has good staying power. I switched to this foundation a few years ago and have never looked back! So hit up at that 99 Cent Thunder, if you don't already. Who am I kidding-- what would we do without dollar stores?

2. Wet 'n Wild MegaLength Mascara, $3. What's this? A good mascara for three dollars? Now that's a deal you can't bat an eye at. Rich black color, holds a decent curl, and doesn't clump too much. Admittedly I use the brush from the Boots No. 7 mascara to apply this, but the formula is a good go-to when money is tight. The only drawback: after a few months I find the mascara flakes more at the end of the day.  But it's three bucks, so who cares. Which brings us to…

3. Boots no. 7 Lengthening Mascara, $7. DAT BRUSH. I'm telling you, I've never found a better mascara wand in my life. IN MY LIFE. I CAN NEVER BE WITHOUT IT. AHHHHHH!

4. Ben Nye Neutral Set Colorless Face Powder, $5. I have a difficult time finding a face powder that doesn't darken my skin tone or make it look cakey, with those big, defined pores that all women crave (yuck). Ben Nye does what few others can-- takes away shine, while staying as invisible as the chances of the Green Lantern 2 being released. The bottle may not look glamorous, and you have to shake out the powder like parmesan cheese, but you get enough product to take you a year or more. The staying power could be better, but you can reapply without looking like a bag of flour.

5. Salon Perfect or Modlash Eyelashes, number 53, $3. Approximately 86% of my con day beauty can be attributed to these lashes, which are glam without being distractingly fake. They make a huge difference in pictures and most people assume they're my own. Which they totally are! Until I throw them away.

6. Jane Pure Mineral Blush in Rose Silk. This is the blush I wore for Jean Grey. So much staying power, so wonderfully skin brightening. However, I got it on clearance for $2 and haven't been able to find it since. What a shame…

7. Ben Nye Contour Powder #1, $7. Ahhh, my best kept secret. Dare I reveal it? This is my secret weapon to subtly make my face resemble a certain character's. For example, when cosplaying Laurie (Silk Spectre II) I used this to "shorten" my chin and "round" my face. Think of this a shadow you can move across your face to slightly shorten, narrow, widen, soften or sharpen it. The color looks natural and is surprisingly hard to spot in person. This should be in every cosplayer's makeup bag. Banish double chins back to the netherworld where they belong!  Unfortunately it's getting a bit hard to track down, but I bought one of these four years ago and it's still going strong!

8. Revlon or Fabulash Liquid Liner Pen, $3-$9. I LOVED the Fabulash version of this liquid liner marker. It made a dark, strong, perfect line above my lashes, lasted forever and was easy to use. It was one of the best eyeliners I had ever purchased, and for such a bargain. However, I think they've changed the formulation recently and the quality suffered… so I instead point you instead to the pricier, though high quality Revlon version. That last thing you want to worry about in a hot costume, in front of flashing cameras, is your eyeliner smearing!

9. Eyeshadows: Time and time again I find that Ulta brand eyeshadows are my favorite. It's hard to point to one specific shade since I usually use my giant Christmas kits for several years. If you're looking for a bargain and don't mind finding an Ulta, I'd suggest any of their shades.

10. Jordana Retractable Lipliner in Rose or Natural, $1-2. Gotta admire Jordana's commitment to making animal-friendly, affordable products that don't suck. I use this to anchor down my lip gloss and plump up my top lip. Doesn't budge easily no dry out my lips, and appears natural in photos. Shhh, don't tell anyone.

11. E.L.F. Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Baby Lips, $1. I was so excited when this product did what it promised: gave me baby lips. Before you get too creeped out, know that I mean the soft, hydrated, natural looking lips you see children sportin'. I can't stand an overdone mouth and hate that "lipstick" look. Really, while you're in the Elf section, why not just buy everything they make? Because their lip products are kickin' some ass for only one dollar!

Well, that's it for now. I've been wanting to write this for a while so I hope you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading, and enjoy the costumes.

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